About us
Since 1983, Atiaf Al Sulaimania Co., is built on its tradition of providing effective pre-hospital care facilities and mobile evacuation solutions. we provide with specialty vehicles of all types. We are committed to providing our customers solutions for their needs with our various specialized product divisions.

We offer a full range of the following products: All Kind of Ambulances like Type I, Type II, Type III and Standard Ambulances, VIP buses and vans, Handicap Vehicles and Communication Vehicles, designed apparatus for any need!

For Government, Royal Navy, Border Guard, National Guard, Sabic, STC, Air Force and Military customers, Atiaf Al Sulaimania Company provides All Kind of Ambulances and Medical equipments, Modification of all kind of Vehicles with different levels.

We pride our organization in providing the support you deserve before, during, and after the sale.