• FORD
  • GMC


  • Rear Bumper Entirely hinged to allow tilt in high angle departure situations.
  • Crowned roof to inhibit water pooling.
  • Oxygen Storage: Street side Rear compartment with adjustable steel rings for M-size Cylinder.
  • Compartments : Fiber with White Gel Coat Glass Finish.
  • Door Handles Each Entry Door.
  • Grab Handle with Yellow Powder Coating Grip.
  • Battery Rack on the Street Side.
  • Fluorescent Lights : Four LED Fluorescent Lights 2 in Two Rows, Switched Separately.
  • Cot Mount : Ferno Washington 175-3.
  • Flooring: Anti Bacterial Vinyl Flooring.
  • IV Holders : Two Dual Swing Down holders with Velcro retaining straps.
  • Aspirator : Rico RS-4 Reusable.
  • Oxygen & Vacuum Outlets : Two Oxygen outlets and One Vacuum outlet in Action Area.
  • Technician Seat : High Back automotive style seat with Revolving base and Safety Belt.
  • Squad Bench :  With enclosed storage area under seat for essential equipment. Seamless upholstered seats and backrest. Lids to be split 50/50 to allow individual access. Each lid is supported by a 30 lb gas strut. Lid base to be constructed of heavy-duty material, to prevent screws from pulling out with regular usage. Spinal Board Storage place.
  • ALS Cabinet : Storage for Traumas kits and Storage for Folding Stretcher opining from Side Door.
  • Upholstery : Seamless cushions.
  • Printed Circuit Board with heavy duty Relays and Breakers.
  • Front Console : Electrical Switches Marine Grade High Quality Switches, Replaceable.
  • Rear Action Area Electrical Board.
  • 260Amps Alternator.
  • Dual Battery Rack on the Curbside.
  • Battery Switch under the Driver Seat.
  • Intercom between the Driver Cabin and Patient Area.
  • Shoreline Outlet on the Street Side 20 Amps 220V.
  • Electrical Outlets : 2 + 2  220V Outlets in the Action Area.
  • Two 12V Outlets in the Action Area.
  • Inverter 750Watts 220V with Battery Charger.
  • 12V Thomas Pump.
Electrical Lights & Siren
  • LED Light Bar.
  • Siren Controls in Front Console.
  • Siren Speakers Two 100 Watts.
  • Warning Lights : Red & White LED.
  • Scene Lights LED White.
  • Load Lights LED.
  • Back Up Alarm.
  • A/C Heat System Hoseline with Second Condenser 12V.
  • Blower Unit 36,000 BTU up to 45,000 BTU with Second Condenser.
  • Thermostat Fully Automatic in Action area.
  • Insulation in Ceiling and Siding Walls Covering with Fiber Sheet White Gel Coat Glass Finish.
  • Power Vents : Marine Style with Three Speed Fans..