About us

Atiaf Aljazeera for construction Est. Foundation in 1995 began and since its inception and to this day followed the institution and one policy and has committed always a quality and excellence and precision, where it became one of the leading institutions in the implementation of all building construction works and road works and street lighting and roads infrastructure and dams. Perhaps what makes us excel in this is our highly qualified staff, which is characterized by professionalism and long experience in providing a high level of quality and professionalism in the implementation of all business.

Man Power

What distinguishes Atiaf Aljazeera for construction Est. and makes it superior for other institutions possess qualified staff with sufficient experience and extensive know-how in all areas of the organization and activities, is also keen to pick the staff are very accurate human disciplines and skills employers. Eager to rehabilitate the qualified staff has created this section takes care of all the staff needs and what it takes to perform tasks as required human resources department has been established to the highest level.

Machines & Equipments

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