Our Projects

Government projects

Atiaf  Aljazeera Co. by its staff skilled team Apply on many government and private competitions, where it docked a range of projects and so get the first place in these competitions. The most important of these projects, which awarded the following :
  • Improve and beautify the entrance to the municipalities Hawtat Bani Tamim and fire
  • Re-qualification streets, roads and intersections fire
  • Ward off the dangers of flooding fire
  • Construction of nine health centers in the Eastern Province
  • Asphalting grants schemes Hotat Bani Tamim
  • Construction of 7 warehouses District
  • The establishment of a residential building furnished district Gulf
  • Kharj Project Planner (roads, water, sewage and electricity
Other projects
  • King Abdullah Financial Distnict
  • Aldara Medical Corp
  • CITC HQ Project
  • Project Endowments of King Saud University
  • RTV Project
  • Ministry & Enviromment Water & Aqrieculture
  • Sunset Villas Project
  • water Networks Alfaisalah
  • Shams Riyadh Project
  • Warehouses
  • Al-Hariq City Gate
  • AL-Hwath City Road